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Workplace Mindfulness – Certified Mindfulness Coach Training

Workplace Mindfulness – Certified Mindfulness Coach Training
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Workplace Mindfulness – a certified Mindfulness Coach training. The course will cover basic Mindfulness theories, Mindfulness practices, integrating Mindfulness into daily life, improving performance and mental quality by Mindfulness, enhancing wellness by Mindfulness, group leading techniques, promoting and implementing Mindfulness @workplace, measuring Mindfulness @workplace etc.

There are 12 sessions in total, 3 will be conducted through online class (pre-recorded videos) plus 9 Face-to-Face sessions (also support Zoom learning at the same dates and time). The design is to facilitate understanding on various teaching and learning modes, the effectiveness and challenges.

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MFW General Info

To learn Mindfulness theories, methodologies, and attitude;
To learn Mindfulness practices;
To integrate Mindfulness into daily life;
To promote and implement Mindfulness at workplace.

Course structure:
– session 1-3: online. To be completed within 3 weeks;
– session 4-12: Face-to-Face or Zoom.

Working adults who want to enhance wellness and performance, HR, Management, Leaders, and those who want to improve living quality!


Course fee:

Certification and Accreditation:
Graduates are eligible to register as a Mindfulness Coach at IMMA.

Speaker introduction:
Victor Ching, registered psychologist at HKPS and chartered psychologist at BPS, and possesses various professional qualifications. He has now 2 Master degrees (both with credit) in Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs) and Global Business Management, and 2 Bachelor degrees (both with Honors) in Applied Psychology and HRM. Besides serving multiple MNC, local universities, Government Departments and listed companies as a consultant on talent development related projects and also well-experienced in education and psychological field, Victor is also a successful entrepreneur as he started some companies include a playgroup chain which later developed to be the largest brand in Hong Kong. His time management and willpower are well-proven by his achievements in career, business and academic success. Victor is also active in media, with over hundreds press coverages on televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines, and social medias. For more details, please visit: www.victor-ching.com