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The Secret of Willpower™

The Secret of Willpower™
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The Secret of Willpower™ based on Psychological Research and Experiment, share with you the practical strategies to enhance willpower and also avoid potential willpower failure and challenges. With weekly short lectures, supplemented with practical daily-life exercises, your willpower is expected to have a big jump! This training is being accredited by CPD UK. Upon completion of the training, graduates are eligible to earn a certificate issued by CPD UK and accredited CPD hours.

To understand the nature and types of Willpower;
To avoid scientifically proven Willpower failure;
To plan strategically to enhance Willpower for goal achievement.

Module 1: What is Willpower;
Module 2: Willpower as Energy: Ego depletion
Module 3: Mindfulness & Emotion
Module 4: Goal & Progress
Module 5: Pride & Shame
Module 6: Self-compassion
Module 7: Social factor
Module 8: Willpower training

Course duration and support:
– As soon as 8 weeks (1 module per week) and up to 6 months
– 15-30 minutes video per module
– Weekly assignment and journal for applying the strategies learnt in the training
– Q&A by Psychologist (available for 6 months after subscription)

Anyone who wants to improve his/her Willpower!!


Course fee:

Course availability:
Within 183 days upon payment

Speaker introduction:
Victor Ching, registered psychologist at HKPS and chartered psychologist at BPS, and possesses various professional qualifications. He has now 2 Master degrees (both with credit) in Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs) and Global Business Management, and 2 Bachelor degrees (both with Honors) in Applied Psychology and HRM. Besides serving multiple MNC, local universities, Government Departments and listed companies as a consultant on talent development related projects and also well-experienced in education and psychological field, Victor is also a successful entrepreneur as he started some companies include a playgroup chain which later developed to be the largest brand in Hong Kong. His time management and willpower are well-proven by his achievements in career, business and academic success. Victor is also active in media, with over hundreds press coverages on televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines, and social medias. For more details, please visit: www.victor-ching.com